About Me

Hey! My name is Sean McKenzie and I'm a creative software developer based out of Boise, Idaho. I've been coding for over 10 years with more than 5 years of experience working in Unity. I was mostly self-taught until I started attending Boise State University seeking a Bachelor's Degree in Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Tech. Over the past several years I've learned everything from Arduino and the Internet of Things to Game Development and Augmented Reality.

I like working on other projects in my spare time and you can see some of those on my projects page. In my free time I'm currently teaching myself Flutter with Firebase for cross-platform development and I decided to learn Astro in order to make this site. I like learning new stuff and being able to make a real difference in the world. My favorite projects are the ones where I can really see it bettering other people's lives.

I also try to have a life outside of code. I try to make serving other people a priority in my life and am very active in my church. In my free-time, I love building custom keyboards, playing pickleball, and hanging out with friends.



I am a versatile web and software developer with a strong command of PHP and the Laravel framework for robust backend development. My proficiency in Javascript enables me to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces, enhancing the overall user experience. In the realm of game development, I excel with Unity, allowing me to craft engaging and immersive applications. I am also proficient in Swift for iOS app development, ensuring functional and responsive applications. Furthermore, I possess skills in Blender for 3D modeling and animation, adding a creative dimension to my capabilities. With a well-rounded skill set, I am equipped to deliver comprehensive solutions across various domains.