Crafting Shadows

The development journey of Phantom Hunt - A VR arcade adventure
Crafting Shadows image

Embark on the captivating tale of Phantom Hunt, a VR arcade adventure forged in the crucible of challenges, adaptations, and the invaluable lessons learned throughout its development.

Envisioning a Multiplayer Experience

Phantom Hunt was initially conceived as a multiplayer game—a lively party experience seamlessly played between VR and mobile devices. Navigating challenges in game development and timeline shifts, a distinct hurdle unfolded in the realm of art skills.

Artistic Challenges

The artistic realm presented its own unique challenges. I wouldn’t consider myself exceptionally skilled on the artistic side, so the thought of creating art assets was rather daunting. To address this, I strategically employed premade assets for background elements like furniture and wall textures. By doing so, I could allocate more time to crucial components like the flashlight, gun, and ghosts. The design choices embraced a simpler, cartoonish style, steering clear of unnecessary complexities while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic throughout the game.

Adapting and Learning

With every challenge in Phantom Hunt’s development came an opportunity to learn and adapt. Basic AI pathfinding added a layer of complexity, providing strategic depth to the gameplay. The creation of comprehensive game design documents served as a guiding compass over several semesters of development, helping to keep things focused on the critical features of the game and avoiding the feature creep that so often plagues these sorts of projects.

Dynamic Gameplay Evolution

The gameplay’s dynamic nature required agile development practices. Adjusting gameplay and direction on the fly turned unforeseen challenges into opportunities for growth. The flexibility vital to game development became evident as Phantom Hunt evolved from an asymmetric multiplayer concept to a single-player-focused experience, introducing an AI system to replace human players.

Harmonizing with VCV Rack

Venturing into the audio realms, I harnessed the power of VCV Rack, transforming synthesizers into a musical palette. Crafting a soundtrack that transcended the ordinary, these sonic creations became the heartbeat of Phantom Hunt. Dynamic music composition turned the virtual environment into a symphony, responding to every twist and turn, enhancing the player’s immersive experience.

Crafting Shadows

Phantom Hunt isn’t just a game; it’s an adventure I’ve crafted with dedication. Throughout its development, this project became a canvas for creativity, a playground for adaptability, and a source of joy in creating memorable gaming moments. Navigating challenges and learning valuable lessons, the twists and turns of Phantom Hunt reflect a commitment to delivering something special.

Published: January 8, 2024